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From August: Osage County, to Game of Thrones to Flowers in the Attic (which recently gained a Lifetime reboot), incest has often been a topic on screens.

However, a number of controversial 'incest scandals' within Hollywood itself remain a hot topic of conversation. Read on about alleged cases of celebrity 'incest'...

Woody Allen Marries His Daughter, Sort Of

Woody Allen caused furious waves within his family when he married Soon-Yi, the adopted daughter of his ex, Mia Farrow, after they split. Still, despite the massive age gap, Allen and Soon-Yi are still married 22 years later and do not share genetic ties.

Mackenzie Philips: Mamas, Papas... And Daughters

Actress Mackenzie Philips starred in American Graffiti and One Day At A Time, but behind the success, she revealed she shared a dark secret with her father, John Philips.

John was a famous musician with The Mamas & The Papas, but his drug use supposedly fueled the ten-year incestuous relationship he had with his daughter. Mackenzie considered the relationship to be consensual during the time, but has since retracted that statement.


Angelina Jolie Was REALLY Close to Her Brother

Angelina Jolie and her brother John stunned onlookers by sharing a kiss at the 2000 Oscars - an incident they have repeated many times since then.

Neither has ever claimed that their relationship veers any further than the odd kiss, but James has told interviewers that steady dating is made hard for him by the fact that he already has 'the perfect woman' - his sister.


Bobbi Kristina Brown Angers Her Grandmother

At 19, Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi announced her relationship with Nick Gordon - her adoptive brother.

The pair are open about their coupledom because they are not blood relatives, but they were raised for many years as siblings. Bobbi's grandmother, Cissy Houston, certainly feels that, 'What [Bobbi and Nick] are doing is incestuous.'



Did you find these celebrity 'incest scandals' shocking?

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