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The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Amanda Pays, co-star on the 1990/91 CBS TV series of The Flash, will return to her role of Dr. Tina McGee alongside her former co-star John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen.

Amanda Pays & John Wesley Shipp.
Amanda Pays & John Wesley Shipp.

Dr. McGee was an expert geneticist and was also Barry's ally and his love interest. When Dr. McGee returns to Central City, she will be an employee of rival company STAR Labs and will play opposite John Wesley Shipp, who this time will be playing Barry Allen's (Grant Gustin) father, Henry.

The CBS version of The Flash only lasted 22 episodes before getting axed after going up against strong competition from the other networks.

Pays will join fellow guest stars Dominic Purcell, Clancy Brown and Robbie Amell for season one of the Flash while Arrow stars Stephen Amell will make a cameo appearance in the first episode and Emily Bett Rickards will head to Central City in episode four.

The eighth episodes of both Arrow and The Flash will be a two-hour crossover event.

The Flash premieres on The CW October 7.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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