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Earlier this week, the first pictures of the Batmobile emerged from the Batman vs Superman shoot in Detroit, and already many people have criticized them.

The complaints centered on the fact that for some fans, it wasn't enough of a "real" Batmobile, it was too much like the "Tumbler" of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

The Tumbler vs Zack Snyder's Batmobile
The Tumbler vs Zack Snyder's Batmobile

And while there is some similarity between the two vehicles, the fact is that the source for this Batmobile, and much of the other details that have emerged from this movie, is not The Dark Knight Trilogy, but in fact Frank Miller's legendary comic book, The Dark Knight Returns.

Now, this may have been the inspiration for some of Christopher Nolan's film, too, but it shouldn't be overlooked how much Zack Snyder is borrowing for Batman vs Superman from this work. In fact, it was with some famous lines from the comic book that Batman vs Superman was first announced.

The Dark Knight Returns Batmobile
The Dark Knight Returns Batmobile

So, bearing this in mind, what other elements of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns are we likely to see in Batman vs Superman? Zack Snyder has said it won't be a straight adaptation, but let's run through some of the possibilities, anyway:

Warning! Potential Batman vs Superman SPOILERS follow!

The Mutants

The Dark Knight Returns is not set in Metropolis (as Batman vs Superman is expected to be, primarily) but in Gotham. But with Metropolis believed to be still suffering the effects of the events of Man of Steel, it would not be a huge surprise to see this criminal gang move in to the run-down city.

The Mutants are a ferocious street gang run by a maniacal leader. In one of the most raw scenes in the story, the Mutant Leader is spoken to by the Mayor of Gotham. The Mutant Leader tears out the Mayor's throat with his teeth. It is unlikely that such a graphic scene would make it into Batman vs Superman, but it shows what a twisted gang the mutants are.

Alfred Pennyworth

As most fans know by now, Bruce Wayne will play a much older, retired Batman than we have seen previously. But that doesn't mean that we will not be seeing his Butler and Guardians, Alfred Pennyworth.

Alfred - who will be played by Jeremy Irons in Batman vs Superman - actually plays a crucial role in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, helping to fake Batman's death after the Dark Knight fights and wins a crucial battle against Superman.

By the end of the movie, the elderly Alfred (now in his 80s) dies of a stoke. What are the chances of Batman vs Superman following this path for Batman's loyal butler?

Batman and Superman's climatic fight

Batman wants Superman to REMEMBER!
Batman wants Superman to REMEMBER!

In The Dark Knight Returns, Superman is ordered by Government forces to take the vigilante Batman out. Batman, knowing he may die in this battle with an all-mighty Alien, choses for the battle to take place in Crime Alley, the place of his parents' death.

Wearing a heavily armored suit, Batman and Superman do battle, and it is one of most iconic fights in comic book history.

So which elements from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns do you think [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) will take for its own plot? Will the Mutants feature, will Alfred? Will Green Arrow, who also has a key part to play?

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What elements from The Dark Knight Returns will appear in Batman vs Superman?


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