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The Walking Dead is the undisputed king of zombie shows, with soaring ratings and a dedicated fanbase all over the world.

It's fourth season fall premiere alone received 16 million viewers - one damning decimal point over from what Syfy's new zombie series Z Nation premiered to last Friday.

A measly 1.6 million people tuned in to watch the channel's slant on the zombie craze, produced by The Asylum - the people behind Sharknado.

Z Nation
Z Nation

So with all this in mind, you might be wondering what possible chance Z Nation stands against The Walking Dead. And in some ways, you'd be right. But whilst the traditional figures are overwhelmingly in TWD's favour, there are other factors to suggest that Z Nation might become a sleeper hit.

Take, for instance, the fact that the show was one of the most pirated series over the weekend, attracting over 300,000 IP addresses. That's more than Orange is the New Black or House of Cards received on their opening weekends.

Consider also that Z Nation presents a new kind of zombie show that's basically meant to suck ass and be hella entertaining because of it.

Whilst all these master dramas and troubled protagonists are great, sometimes you just want to let your matted, dead hair down. It's a fact that runaway success Sharknado paid testament to, after all.

Z Nation continues on Syfy September 19th. Watch the trailer below.

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Will Z Nation ever take TWD's crown as king of the zombie shows?


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