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Remember Tron Legacy? From way back in 2010?

Well, even if you didn't catch it in theaters, you probably remember some of astonishing visuals. And, as these things tend to go, those beautiful designs didn't come out of nowhere.

In this case, many of them came from the mind - and hands - of artist Daniel Simon, whose work with futuristic vehicular design is becoming increasingly famous and well-respected.

If you needed any proof as to why - just check out these really quite special examples from Tron Legacy:

I mean, wow, right?

Those things are not only remarkably stylish - but they have the exact look of something you would actually want to drive.

Plus, that whole Daft Punk soundtrack for the movie makes even more sense now. Can't you just imagine those guys turning up to an even driving one of these?

Now, all we need is for someone to actually make [TRON 3](movie:579417) and all will be right with the world...


What do you guys think? Liking the concept art?

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