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Bill has come a long way from holding the Proton Pack, that's for sure...

When he's not acting, Murray now likes to entertain himself with pastimes like magically appearing at a student house party in Scotland, doing the dishes, and leaving.

Or, sneaking up behind people, covering their eyes with his hands and whispering "Guess who?" - and when they turn around they see Bill Murray and hear the words "no one will ever believe you". Or, reading poetry to construction workers. Or, filming slow-mo walks...

You know, just for fun. And all this time we thought he was just the best part of Rushmore!

Well, Murray has jumped back on the serial party-crasher wagon for one more jaw-dropping time, when he popped up again this weekend, injecting his magnificent Murray-ness into a birthday celebration for some very lucky Charleston resident. During the party, Murray celebrated his own birthday too, and got his dancing shoes on to bust a move to Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What," which is something none of us knew we needed to see until this very day. Check this out:

The actor owns a home in the area and it seems like he's been spending a decent chunk of his time there recently so, if you're around, keep your eyes peeled. Though if you do see him, no one will ever believe you...


What would you get Bill Murray to dance to at your birthday party?

(Source: ET on YouTube)


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