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Good news, Nicholas Sparks fans! The romance-master himself has been talking to Buzzfeed, and not only did they get him him to discuss all of hisbeloved movies - they even managed to persuade him to reveal his favorite scene from each one!

(Note, Nicholas Sparks SPOILERS galore below)

Starting with...

Message in a Bottle (1999)

Predictably, the movie centers around a message in a bottle, and a woman (Robin Wright) trying to track down its author. Rather than just a movie about Sting.

“My favorite scene in that one is with Paul Newman on the porch...He’s talking to Robin Wright and joking, ‘If I were 100 years younger, you’d be in trouble.’ I think that is probably my favorite scene.”
That was the first film, so every single thing was new. I mean, the first time I saw that, I was pretty much alone in a theater on the Warner Bros. lot. I watched this thing thinking, Oh my gosh, I picked that name! Oh my gosh, I picked that city! It was far and away the most surreal experience I’ve ever had because it was first.”

A Walk to Remember (2002)

Shane West and Mandy Moore are young, in love, and doomed - seeing as she has terminal leukemia. It will definitely make you cry - even more than all the others.

“A lot of great scenes in this one, but I’m going to go with the scene with Shane and Mandy in the car, on their date — he helps her be in two places at once — and puts the fake tattoo on...Just the fact that he was trying to help make some of her dreams come true. I found that to be a great scene.”
“The movie we watch most frequently in my house is A Walk To Remember. I have kids and I just think the message there is wonderful: You can be true to who you are and you can do the right thing and it’s OK. I think it’s such a fabulous, fabulous message.”

The Notebook (2004)

If you don't know the plot of The Notebook, why are you reading this again? Boy loves girl, girl loves boy, things go awry. But the rain...

“We gotta go with the rain...Gotta go with kissing in the rain! Come on! How can I not? There is no other scene. That’s what everyone watches the movie for: ‘It wasn’t over for me! It still isn’t over!” Come on, that’s so good.”
“I think it only did $81 million, which certainly isn’t Spider-Man or Titanic; you’re talking about 10 or 11 million people only saw it in theaters, and now what’s the number? 300 million people? It seems to have struck a chord in a way that a lot of movies didn’t. I don’t think there’s any question that The Notebook — for any number of reasons: the performances, how much it’s in rotation — is most likely destined to become a classic.”

Nights in Rodanthe (2008)

Richard Gere, Diane Lane, and a bed and breakfast. That's literally all you need to know.

“There’s this great, wonderful scene that I think symbolizes who they are...It’s nighttime and they’re each standing on different porches: one above, one below. The water is washing up below the house and you get this sense of loneliness and isolation and longing in a single image.”

Dear John (2010)

Before he was a straight up megastar, Channing Tatum was a soldier in love with Amanda Seyfried. Or, rather, their character's were in love. I assume they were just friends.

“I have to go with the scene of Channing reading these letters with Amanda’s voiceover, as she writes them...To me, that’s a wonderful scene because the art of writing is going away. Everyone is emailing now. It was really and truly the last time in which the U.S. Postal Service was this important to people, because now you Skype people. It’s different now for soldiers. For me, it was a last chance to look at the power of the written word.”

The Last Song (2010)

Miley Cyrus plays a rebellious teen who gets involved with Liam Hemsworth. So, just like real life, then.

“I was able to use the outline of the movie for the novel...I don’t generally do it that way for time reasons. But my favorite scene in that one is when Miley’s talking to her mom, and says, ‘I can’t go. I have to stay.’ She’d been struggling and angry and plagued by guilt, and that’s the moment when she grows up.”

The Lucky One (2012)

Zac Efron proves he's not a kid anymore by totally having sex with Orange is the New Black's Taylor Schilling. Again, we assume just in the movie.

“It’s tough to break out of being a teen star into playing an adult and I thought Zac did a really good job of playing an adult here...I’m going to go with the scene in the shower for that one. I thought that was an incredibly sexy scene. I thought it was well done and by the time the film reached that point, it was exactly what you were hoping for for both characters.”

Safe Haven (2013)

A widower? A woman on the run? Julianne Hough? Josh Duhamel? Wait, how was that not a film noir?

“I like the scene with Josh and Julianne in the rowboat for a couple of reasons...That was, literally, day one or two of filming and I remember talking to Josh about how to play that scene, because they thrust him into this really tough scene at the beginning. I generally don’t give advice, and that’s not really advice, but I thought there was such an utter believability in Josh’s performance in that scene, and Julianne’s reaction to him. I just thought it was exactly how it would be in real life, so we got a beautiful moment of honesty in which someone admits something deeply personal to someone he cares about.”

And now, just to enjoy [Deliverance Creek](series:1168533) and wait until October 17 for [The Best Of Me](movie:667876)...


What do you guys reckon? Which movie is your favorite Sparks scene in?

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