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It must be hard juggling being super hot, being married to the equally hot Channing Tatum and having an adorable baby - but somehow Jenna Dewan-Tatum manages it!

She showed off her effortless style while picking up her baby daughter Everly, 15-months, from a baby class this week:

Baby Everly looks totes adorbs in her print shift dress and pink booties - in fact, she could almost match her mum for style cred. She's definitely going to be a stunning adult.

In a recent interview Dewan-Tatum suggested that Everly might already be showing signs of following in her dancing parent's footsteps:

She's an amazing little dancer. Everybody's like "Is she dancing?" I hope I'm not being a dance mommy but she has her own little moves.

Dewan-Tatum met her husband Channing on the set of Step Up, where their real-life romance blossomed. She currently stars in The Witches of East End, which finishes its second series October 12.

(Source: Daily Mail)


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