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Earlier this month, Atari announced that it's bringing back its classic horror game series Alone in the Dark. Today, at PAX 2014, it revealed the first teaser trailer and details about the game.

Alone in the Dark: Illumination, a re-imagining of the 1992 original and one of the first survival horror games ever, will feature "the power of illumination" and a cooperative multiplayer mode. Players will be able to choose different hero characters with different abilities and weapons: Hunter, Witch, Engineer, and Priest. Together, they must fight monstrous enemies to rid an abandoned town of a mysterious curse called 'The Darkness'.

Alone in the Dark is being developed by a new studio called Pure FPS, whose members worked on games like Dead Island 2, Bioshock Infinite, and Battlefield 2. Haunted House is being developed by Dreampainters, the team behind the survival horror game Anna. Both games are set to release on PC in fall 2014.

History lesson

Alone in the Dark was a revolution in terms of how it played out. The gameplay in Alone in the Dark differed greatly from other games in the series. It was set out through DVD-style "episodes", where the player can choose to start the game from the beginning, or choose to skip to a section if they get stuck. If they choose to do so, the past events are recollected in a "Previously on Alone in the Dark..." cutscene at the start of the episode.

Alone in the Dark had an interchangeable first and third person camera, and puzzle solving style gameplay. The environment plays a big part of core gameplay, as the player can pick up any object (such as pipes, wood, etc.) and use it as a melee weapon. It can also be used to smash in doors, and knock objects over. Fire is generated in real-time, as objects can be set ablaze by holding it over the fire, and it can be extinguished. If the fire isn't extinguished fast enough, the flames will continue to regenerate. The player can pick up objects, and combine to make different styles of weapons, however, only some objects can be combined with others. Any object which is shot at or thrown will be destroyed instantly.

With Ataris recent financial struggle it is yet to be confirmed whether or not we will see a similar development style with the remake or even if it will make it to console. Don't fret, a gut feeling says that this title will be released across all platforms. Alone in the Dark is too much of an investment to pass up!

Atari remake Alone in the Dark
Atari remake Alone in the Dark

Atari is also developing a re-imagined version of Haunted House, a 1982 Atari 2600 game. Haunted House: Cryptic Graves is a first person single-player game where players must use psychic abilities to solve puzzles and fight spirits and monsters that infest the 'Abbadon Grange' estate. You can watch the teaser trailer for Haunted House: Cryptic Graves below.

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