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10. “University” – Season 3, Episode 6 (Ralph whacks the stripper)

Ralphie demonstrates his love and respect for women.

9. “Whoever Did This” – Season 4, Episode 9 (Ralph pranks Paulie’s mom)

After Ralph figures out that Paulie ratted on him (after learning of the joke from his nephew Little Paulie) to Johnny Sack, about the fat joke made at his wife’s expense, he calls to prank Paulie’s mother for revenge.

8. “Whitecaps” – Season 4, Episode 13 ( Tony and Carmella’s fight)

Irina, Tony’s ex-girlfriend, calls Tony’s house to tell to Carmella that she used to have sex with her husband, and that Tony had sex with Irina’s cousin, Svetlana. This leads to a huge fight, and the couple separates.

7. “Mergers and Acquisitions” – Season 4, Episode 8 (Tony finds out Ralphie’s unusual sexual tendencies)

Tony meets Ralphie’s new girlfriend, Valentina. She is an art dealer, so she recommends that Tony commission a portrait of “his” horse, Pie-O-My. They end up at a hotel to have sex. Tony then tries to break up with her because he feels that she belongs to Ralphie, but she informs him about Ralphie’s unusual sexual fetishes. Tony’s sister, Janice, who used to date Ralph, confirms this.

6. “Whoever Did This” – Season 4, Episode 9 (Tony whacks Ralphie)

After the death of Ralph’s horse in a stable fire, Tony visits Ralphie’s house because he is suspicious that the fire wasn’t accidental, but that Ralph deliberately set the stables on fire so that he could cash in on the insurance money.

5. “Second Opinion” – Season 3, Episode 7 (You sniffed that girl’s panties?)

During a check-in at Christopher’s house, Paulie sniffs Adrianna’s underwear. Christopher catches him in the act, but doesn’t confront him. After Christopher tells Tony what happened, Tony confronts Paulie.

4. “Live Free or Die” – Season 6, Episode 6 (The Guys find out that Vito is gay)

After Vito is spotted in a gay bar, the Soprano crew finds out about it. The unproved rumor is confirmed by Meadow’s boyfriend, Finn, who had previously witnessed Vito preforming oral sex on a construction worker.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

3. “Cold Cuts” – Season 5, Episode 10 (What’s French-Canadian for “I grew up without a mother”?)

Tony visits Janice and Bobby’s house for dinner. He is jealous of Janice’s progress after the anger management lessons that she’s been taking, and how she deals with annoying situations. So naturally while at the table, Tony tries to aggravate Janice.

2. “Proshai, Livushka” – Season 3, Episode 2 (Tony insults Meadow’s boyfriend)

Tony finds Meadow sitting on the couch, rewinding the movie The Public Enemy. She tells him that someone stole the VCR at her college, and that she watched the movie for a class with her friend. At that moment Meadow’s friend, Noah, a half African-American, half Jewish guy, comes out of the bathroom. Meadow goes to take something upstairs and Tony has a little talk with the guy. Tony reveals to Meadow’s boyfriend his view about black people, and how he feels about the relationship that Noah has with his daughter.

1. “Pine Barrens” – Season 3, Episode 11 (Lost in the woods)

Because Silvio has the flu, Paulie and Christopher go to make a collection from a Russian mobster, Valery, who is an associate of the family.

After an argument, Paulie, with the help of Christopher, chokes the Russian, and because they think that he’s dead they put Valery inside of a carpet and transfer him to a remote area of southern New Jersey, Pine Barrens.

When they get to the woods, the Russian turns out to be alive. Paulie forces Valery to dig his own grave, but during a momentary lapse of attention, Valery hits Christopher with the shovel and runs away while wearing only his pajamas. They try to catch him, and Paulie shoots him in the head from a distance, but Valery keeps running. Eventually, they lost him, getting themselves lost in the woods in the meantime.

Tony calls them to inform them that Valery used to be a commando in the Russian army (working for the interior ministry), and that he killed 16 Chechen rebels, singlehanded. Paulie, though, hears something completely different, due the bad phone reception of the area.

Bonus: “Where’s Johnny?” – Season 5, Episode 3 (Mock execution of Lorraine Calluzzo)

Bonus: Phil Leotardo mock executes Lorraine Calluzzo as to warn her to stop “kicking up” to Little Carmine, and instead give the money to Johnny Sack.

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