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So it has come to my attention that a lot of Civil War speculations have been going around for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now obviously you would need Civil War to be in an Avengers movie due to the amount of characters appearing. But what some people are forgetting is that we have Thanos and the potential Infinity Gauntlet being introduced. In fact no I am pretty sure the Infinitely Gauntlet is coming seeing that we've already come across three infinity stones. And now that we've seen Thanos in [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) with him on the hunt for Infinity stones, I'm pretty sure Marvel Studios plan to build towards an Infinity War in [The Avengers 3](movie:738027).

Still people speculate that Civil War is coming so I decided to look into the facts. Now when you do this it does make Civil War a possibility. Such things like all these superhero's descending on earth without government consent, tax rates going up in New York after the damage that happened in the Avengers. Other stuff like the President getting kidnapped at the end of Iron Man 3, an Invasion from Dark Elves in the last Thor movie and three multi-billion dollar helicarrier's getting destroyed and crashed across Washington in Captain America: TWS. Now I know these heroes save the world and all but you know the government is always against this stuff. Political humans are always made out to be the bad guys cause the Government can never trust the heroes. Iron Man 2 they wanted Tony to give the suit to the military, then it was also proven the government don't really like the heroes after Avengers and Captain America: TWS. You also had the fall of Shield which means the government may start taking matters into their own hands. Now after Avengers: Age of Ultron, with the government finding out that Ultron was created by an avenger things could really fire off. You then also have the rumours of Steve Rogers forming his own team in the next Captain America movie. The thing is if Civil War does happen I doubt it would be due to heroes giving up their identities as most of the so far established characters identities are already known to the government. Who knows how it could go down but if by the end of the next Avengers movie we see a fallout go down then Civil War really could happen, but when?

So those are the main possibilities that hint Civil War but then why would it happen. With all this lead up to Thanos I would have thought Avengers 3 wouldn't focus on that story. You could say Thanos's involvement would only occur in GOTG or other Marvel cosmic movies but I think that would be a waste of the character. And with something like the Infinity Gauntlet the whole Marvel Universe needs to be involved. The only thing I could suggest is that Civil War would happen in another movie however that would require contract expansions. Chris Evans plans on taking a break from acting after his contract with Marvel finishes so I doubt he'd sign on for another movie. Captain America 3 could be Civil War but then you would need all the other characters from the Avengers which ultimately wouldn't make it a Captain America movie anymore. Without Steve Rogers and Tony Stark you don't have the main characters for Civil War so it couldn't really happen after Avengers 3. Speaking of main characters I kind of think it would be too early for Civil War as there aren't even characters in the MCU at the moment. Even by the time there is, key characters like Spiderman won't be in the movie.

There we go, reasons on both sides of the story. It does look like Civil War could happen but with the build up with Thanos I can't see it happening. Civil War may still happen but if it were to happen in Captain America 3 I could see it taking a different route to the comic. It could happen after Avengers 3 but once again it would go down very different to the comic, considering Cap and Iron Man may not be around no more. I myself would love to see Civil War on the big screen but there are bigger things happening and I really want to see the Avengers take on Thanos more than anything.


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