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Sons of Anarchy is taking its final ride in Season 7 and boy, has it been a wild one. California's most famous fictional biker crew has had six very intense years of shenanigans, heartache, and disaster. The gang has had their fair share of triumph, upset and defeats and that goes for the actors themselves, too. With award wins, arrests, blockbuster hits, and catapulting fame respectively the entire family of SoA has had one hell of an excursion.

Now that the insanity is coming to an end, we are definitely going to miss our weekly dose of crazy. It might be difficult to imagine the cast playing entirely new characters, but it's good to be reminded that these actors have had lives and careers well beyond Charming's borders.

Let's take a quick look at the stars of SoA on and off screen to ease the transition into reality.

Jax Teller/Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam plays the reckless show's main character and the leader of the rascal biker "club." He's an enigmatic and fierce leader with many questionable morals, however, off screen he's just a pretty face with that same loyalty. He's been with his longtime girlfriend Morgana McNelis for 7 years now. He's a stable fella who lives a low-key lifestyle and is pretty quiet by nature.

Juice Ortiz/Theo Rossi

Juice is the little brother of the group. A bit emotional and always eager to prove himself to his brothers, he's willing to do anything for his fellow characters. Outside of the show, Juice is the adorable Theo Rossi. Who says he still plays the younger brother role in his real life. He's a self-admitted prankster and is always joking around with his friends, and welcomes a good prank war.

Gemma Teller/Katey Sagal

Gemma Teller is the cutthroat matriarch of Charming's most exclusive motorcycle club. She's not anyone you want to mess with. Trust me, I've seen her take skateboards to people's faces for nothing more than making some eyes her way. However, Katey Sagal is the quiet songstress who drives Gemma's dizzying story arc home. Katey is the wife of the show's creator and can often be heard on the show's spellbinding soundtrack.

Tig Trager/Kim Coates

Tig is the comic relief of the show. Usually the very dark comic relief, but he'll make you laugh nonetheless. Tig is played by the charming Kim Coates who always seems to play the off-the-cuff character. His go to M.O. is either completely serious, or seriously wacky. He's sort of like that one uncle you warn your new sweetheart about before they come home with you for the holidays.

Chibs Telford/Tommy Flanagan

Chibs Telford is the voice of reason for Jax. He's the one who thinks things through and makes the group question what they are doing everything for. His loyalty comes all the way from Ireland and never leaves his comrades in Charming, California. Tommy Flanagan on the other hand comes from Scotland but is very much like his character. You can just tell this guy hopped off his motorcycle at the red carpet and then filmed lines on set like it was nothing but his personality shining through.

Bobby Elvis/Mark Boone Junior

Bobby Elvis is the big ol' softy to the kids at charitable events, dressing and impersonating Elvis on stage. At the table of SAMCRO he is the calming effect. He's been in the club long before Jax was ever even thought of, and uses his wisdom of the ins-and-outs to steer his brothers in the right direction. Mark Boone Junior may be the most like his role off screen. He's definitely no stranger to ass kickin', booze drinkin' debauchery. He's a rockstar when not playing a biker though, so, who can blame him, right?

Nero Padilla/Jimmy Smits

Nero is the kind-hearted pimp without the backhand. He's a true lover and wants to provide for all of the people he cares for. He has a darker past that he's constantly trying to forget and make up for in his life. Jimmy Smits, the actor who portrays Nero is just as stand up - without all of the tattoos and escort service. Who would have thought a pimp like Padilla has a Masters degree from an Ivy League school? Smits graduated from Cornell University in 1982, and went one to be awarded The Horizon Award for his leadership in congress and charitable private sects.

Now that you have a taste of the people behind the role, I have to ask...


Who is your favorite character of this bunch?


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