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One of the biggest surprises at this years Comic Con was the announcement of a 'King Kong' reboot that will be titled "Skull Island". Now it looks like we have our main lead for the film.

Tom Hiddleston (Thor, The Avengers) who is now famous for playing Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been cast for the upcoming film.

Most fans seemed curious about the upcoming project yet I hadn't heard of anyone excited for the film but judging from the reaction by fans on the internet already, this seems like a good move for the film and for Hiddleston himself. Of course people love Loki but Hiddleston isn't getting a lot of recognition for his other roles so hopefully "Skull Island" will help Hiddleston break out of the Loki character a bit and help him flex his acting talents even more.

As a fan of Hiddleston and King Kong, I personally think this is fantastic. I wasn't jumping out of my seat for the "Skull Island" film but with Hiddleston attached, it has given me a whole new perspective on the project.

I have always been a huge fan of Peter Jackson's King Kong and in a way that was a film that really solidified my adoration for the character. One thing I didn't find completely compelling about that film though was its human characters, I wasn't completely invested in Jack and Ann or any of the crew. Hopefully Hiddleston can create a really great protagonist for the audience to root for in this new film.

What do you guys think about Tom Hiddleston being cast in the upcoming "SKULL ISLAND"? Comment below!


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