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Skull Island is a King Kong vs Godzilla movie!

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An early trait that has led to the success of Marvel Studios is their ability to identify talent. They began by casting an seemingly washed up Robert Downey Jr., whom no other studio would have allowed to head a franchise at the time, due to his troubled past. Marvel has been equally adept at finding up and coming talent as well. This is evidenced in their casting of Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt and Tom Hiddleston, among others. Hiddleston may not get enough credit for what impact he had on Marvel's films. If Downey Jr's first two Iron Man films laid the financial structure and set up much of the groundwork to make a movie like The Avengers plausible. Hiddleston picked up the baton, for the dark side, stringing together his own set of films, which kept Marvel moving upwards financially and narratively as well.

The star-making role of Loki
The star-making role of Loki

His stint as Loki carries it's own multi-picture story arc, spanning Thor, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World, where we see him grow from a child to a global terrorist and finally to the king of Asguard. He has an enormous fanbase, that literally follows his every move on social media. Hollywood has taken note of his growing influence and is looking to capitalize on it. His career is at turning point and Hiddleston seems to be making the most of it by making bold choices. He has finished filming Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak, is currently working on the Hank William's biopic I Saw the Light, and is being rumored for the lead in the remake of Ben-Hur.

Tom Hiddleston and Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Tom Hiddleston and Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Assumably Legendary is thrilled with his performance in the upcoming Crimson Peak which he filmed for them as well, because they are handing him the King of the Jungle, when it comes to franchises. Legendary announced today that Hiddleston will be headlining their film, Skull Island. Which chronicles the early days of King Kong on the mysterious island, which happens to be full of deadly monsters. They have announced that director Jordan Vogt-Roberts will helm the film. Vogt-Roberts is coming off of the festival hit The Kings of Summer and is lined up to direct the feature film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. Here is the official announcement:

Legendary announced its plans to make a feature film based on the cinematic origins of King Kong during this year's San Diego Comic Con with an original draft of the script by Max Borenstein. Previous works have touched on the island, but staying on and exploring this mysterious and dangerous place offers Legendary the opportunity to take audiences deeper inside this rich world with a style and scope that parallels other Legendary productions. Universal Pictures will distribute the film on November 4, 2016.
Vogt-Roberts directed and executive produced the Sundance darling THE KINGS OF SUMMER. He has also directed the pilot and multiple episodes of FX's new series "You're the Worst" and is set to direct METAL GEAR SOLID for Sony. His other credits include directing the pilot of "Cocked" for Amazon Studios and directing and executive producing the concert documentary NICK OFFERMAN: AMERICAN HAM. He is represented by UTA, 3 Arts Entertainment and attorneys Alan Wertheimer and Andy Gawker.
Hiddleston's credits include MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, and WAR HORSE. He is also known for portraying Thor's nemesis and brother, Loki, in Marvel's THOR, THOR: THE DARK WORLD, and THE AVENGERS. Upcoming projects include Legendary's gothic horror CRIMSON PEAK from director Guillermo del Toro, Ben Wheatley's adaptation of J.G. Ballard's HIGH-RISE and Marc Abraham's Hank Williams biopic I SAW THE LIGHT. He is repped by William Morris Endeavor, Hamilton Hodell and Authentic Management.
Legendary's recent releases include GODZILLA, 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE and the Guillermo del Toro directed PACIFIC RIM as well as the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 and MAN OF STEEL with Warner Bros. In addition to WARCRAFT, highlights from Legendary's upcoming slate include BLACKHAT and CRIMSON PEAK.

This announcement is fascinating on many levels. Legendary is continuing their practice of hiring neophyte directors, who have the enthusiasm of a fanboy, a visionary eye for visual effects, and a focus on character and actor's performance first. It is a formula that has worked from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins through Gareth Edwards' Godzilla. Vogt-Roberts must have something special if he has been given control of both King Kong and the Metal Gear Solid franchises, which Sony has been notoriously protective of.

Skull Island
Skull Island

The most glaring thing to be taken from this press release is that this film will mesh with "a style and scope that parallels other Legendary productions." That isn't a throwaway line considering that they own two other giant kaiju franchises, Godzilla and Pacific Rim, which both have sequels on the way as well. Godzilla and King Kong have met in the past and in the age of hero teamups and battles, the level of excitement that those two could generate alone would be gigantic. Imagine if they decide to expand the universe even further and threw in a couple of mech suits from Pacific Rim and you instantaneously have the human element covered as well. Surely those developments are years down the road, but Godzilla has a sequel coming with multiple monsters already. How could you possibly up the ante after that? Either send him to space or more logically have him fight against and alongside the king of Skull Island. Not only does it make sense, but they are consciously keeping the worlds consistent. You know... just in case...

Not very hard to imagine this happening… (Art credits:
Not very hard to imagine this happening… (Art credits:

Are you ready to see King Kong in IMAX? How do you feel about Hiddleston as a hero? What about the eventual crossovers that will happen? How awesome is all of this? Let us know on the comment boards, Facebook and Twitter!

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