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I adore this film and the child actors in this film. They play their characters so well and I love that their making a film within the film.

A Sci-Fi film about a group of kids trying to make a movie on their small Super 8 camera at an old train station platform when a train by passes by but a car tries to stop the train. There is something hidden inside the train which is not human. The kids want to find out more and they do in the end.

A different different story, unique in its own way and a clever way of having a film be made within a film. Director J.J Abrams takes us in another journey with a touch of Spielberg as he was executive producer on the film.

I highly recommend this film a watch. Oh and I actually bought my very own Super 8 camera today and I am so happy. In dedication to the camera I actually fancied watching this film.

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My very own Super 8 Camera (Chinon) make
My very own Super 8 Camera (Chinon) make

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