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Is it just me, or does the [Arrow](series:720988) cast look like they are just always having fun? On Instagram, Twitter, all over the internet, we see great pictures of them goofing around on set or after filming, and lets not forget, they've got John Barrowman running around undoubtedly causing mayhem!

Well, now we can see just how much fun they have on set, with the release of the season two blooper reel along with the DVD (so if you just can't wait for Netflix to finally show it, you can go out and buy your own copy today).

It's full of all the usual blooper-reel goodness, forgotten lines, falling down, and the inability to keep a straight face, all of which is just good old-fashioned funny.

My favorite moments include Caity Lotz failing at that signature Arrow workout (the Salmon Ladder, aka "that thing in the opening credits where he jumps a bar from rung to rung") which made me respect her more and also want to hit the gym, the unexpected Diggle kiss in the elevator, and obviously, Manu Bennett.

He dances!!
He dances!!

I love it when shows come out with blooper reels; it always puts a smile on my face, and these guys were no exception.

Of course, there is no way it could compete with my favorite BTS/Blooper moment of all time, but what could?

What's your favorite moment, or favorite blooper reel? Comment and let me know!


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