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Alisha Grauso

Archenemies. Rogues. Scoundrels. Nemeses. Antagonists. The bad guys.


Whatever we call 'em, we love movie villains. A great villain can take a bad film and make it great, or a great film and make it even better. The right villain in the right movie can become iconic, and relatively unknown actors can step into an evildoer's role and become overnight stars solely because of the strength of their villainous turns. They can be pure, unadulterated evil, malevolently crazy, or simply misunderstood antiheroes.

Whatever your flavor, movies have given us some amazing villains over the years, and our cinematic stories wouldn't have been the same without them.

So I'm asking you: Who is your favorite movie villain?

Share your choices in the comments - and feel free to include pictures, links, and reasons why!


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