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The third season of [Arrow](series:720988) is almost upon us, and I am ridiculously excited to see where the writers take us. As well as the Flash crossover that has been revealed, we're also getting a bucketload of new characters, including Wildcat (J R Ramirez).

Now we've been treated to the first shot of the gym where Wildcat will be training.

It may just be the back of a building, but I like it! We know that his gym will be in the Glades, and the rough, slightly beaten look suits both the location and the character. This will presumably be where Laurel Lance starts to train to become the new Black Canary, and who knows who else will be doing some work here? Oliver and Roy have their own space, but they may simply come to check it out. There is also the possibility of up-and-coming villains getting a start by learning how to box.

Marc Guggenheim also revealed that we would be seeing some more of Oliver Queen's trick arrow collection.

In the season premiere, you’ll see a new kind of arrow. And in Episode 5, there’s another new kind of arrow we’ve never seen before. Season 3 is like a movie sequel, where he’s got new gadgets to play with!

The obvious thought on everybody's mind is; will that mean the boxing glove arrow? It would make sense, Wildcat, boxing, new arrows...but I don't really think so. That seems like it would just be too much for a show that is still very rooted in realism.

Besides, it's not like we are short on other possibilities! Thus far, we've seen mostly simpler arrow-tech; explosive arrows, obviously, tracking devices, grappling hooks that allow him to go up elevator shafts, that kind of thing. I would assume that we would see more along those lines. Maybe a knockout-gas arrow would be a nice nod to the boxing storyline, and I personally would like to see some net-arrows in action.

Whatever they are bringing to the new season, I have absolute faith that it will be incredible!


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