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A man is found in a disused underground car park, covered in his own blood. Found disoriented by a contractor, he is not alone. There are four other people, all dead. It is through flashbacks and interviews that we start to piece together what happened.
This is the premise for the psychological feature film The Apostate: Call of the Revenant from Mangotree Films. Written and directed by Andy Dodd and produced by Andy Dodd and Phoenix Lane, this chilling film is based on true events and has its red carpet premiere screening on Sunday, September 14 at the Odeon Cinema Telford.

I spoke to writer/director Andy Dodd about The Apostate: Call of the Revenant.

Not long until the big red carpet premiere! How are things shaping up for the big event?
We just had it this Sunday and it was a fantastic night for all who were involved! It was a lot to organise, but it all seemed to go as planned. Lots of positive feedback and a great after-show party!

Did you face any challenges in filming The Apostate that you didn’t have with your previous film It’s a Love Thing?
I have to say that shooting this movie was one of the most fun sets I have worked on. However, shooting the scenes in the room where Jay was trapped was relentlessly intimate - the space was so cramped and claustrophobic. It posed lots of logistical, lighting and camera problems - when you see the movie, it's hard to believe that sometimes there was three or four people squashed in to that little space. The takes were long too and my legs were shaking trying to hold myself in position and keep the framing right!

Actor Jay Bryhan
Actor Jay Bryhan

Which film-makers have inspired you creatively?
I am very fond of George Romero films. I started making films after being inspired by his Dawn of the Dead. Although he's not doing too much these days - I really like Woody Allen too. I suppose Scorsese and Tarantino are up there!

The Apostate is so tense and harrowing- was it difficult to leave a day’s filming without it affecting you?
Not really! Only because we laughed so much! My legs did ache though! We were surrounded by plenty of flies most days though, which wasn't nice!

Any advice for the aspiring film-makers out there?
Yes - just get a camera and make a film. Don't rush to get your stuff 'out there' - take your time and wait till you're happy with the edit. Be honest and say 'we didn't have much money or equipment, but we did the best with what we had' and that is what I tell people about The Apostate.

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