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Frederick FatherChocolate Crew

It has recently come up that Cap 2's directors have hinted that another MCU character was in the movie.

Some say Mockingbird, some say Hawkeye some even say Moon Knight. However, the most popular guess is none other than The Punisher.

I do have questions for you actually. Wesley Snipes said that he wants Blade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Does that mean Blade 4 or a reboot? If so does that apply to Thomas Jane's Punisher films? Is it confirmed, the Punisher film I've never been big on Punisher. New actor, reboot, I don't really care. More heroes is always cool beanz.

Back to Cap 2 though. The Russos didn't say his name but 'a man with his own agenda and special skill set was driving that yellow semi both times' something like that. I don't remember the words exactly. In case you don't remember, in the film a yellow semi ran over the two cars chasing Nick Fury and ran over Sitwell as Bucky threw him out of the car. I never realized that it was the same truck lol. Didn't look that closely.

I might add that Punisher does save Spider-Man in Civil War. If you read Alisha Grauso's awesomely awesome article on Civil War, you'll see how this last part is relevant.


Well? How you feel bout the Punisher Easter egg?


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