BySamantha Munoz, writer at

Lucky for us Grey's Anatomy fans, not only have new images surfaced of the anticipated season premiere, but a sneak peak of the episode has been released as well! Check it out below!

With a little more than a week before the season begins, let's have a look through some of these new set photos to hold us through next Thursday.

Looks like Meredith and her sister will be working together a lot during the season premiere. I wonder when it would be a good time to tell Mer that Maggie is another half sister. You can look at more photos from the premiere here!

Seems like season 11 holds much promise for Meredith, her personal growth, and the other doctors in the hospital. Do you think this season will be stellar? Drop a comment below!

[Grey's Anatomy](series:200746) returns on September 25.



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