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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Sons of Anarchy Episode 2, 'Toil and Till' was great fun.

Emerging comedy duos Wendy & Nero and Tig & Rat added some nice humor to an episode full of darkness and death as Jax continues his downward spiral...

Let's have a look a the Episode 2 Recap...

DEATH COUNT: 12 - 10 Chinese and 2 muscle guys.

How This S**t Went Down

Jax slaughters the Chinese

He also frames two random muscleheads for the massacre, trying to make it seem like a drug dispute gone wrong.


Gemma finds out that Unser is looking into Tara's death

This could spell trouble for Unser, who has only just been released from Juice's bathtub...


Lin is almost as angry and vengeful as Jax

Lin makes a lot of threats to Jax about finding who killed his guys. To be precise, 'I want my guns, men, and heroin...I’ll turn Mayberry into a god damn killing field'.


Most Important Quotes


Three Predictions

Juice is gonna wreck everything, starting with himself

Gemma's helped him all she can - and, knowing Gemma, I'm frankly quite surprised she hasn't just killed him. But Juice wastes a clean burner on calling Chibs, before returning to Wendy's. He's out of control.


Nice guy Nero won't be able to keep out of trouble

His split loyalties between SAMCRO, Gemma and his old gang are getting tough - and now Lin is making demands on him, too. Maybe we'll see old-school killer Nero rear his head if things get heated...


Jury is gonna make trouble for SAMCRO

That gun at the scene? Jury totally recognized that from the shoot-out with the Triads. And although the thugs seemed random, Jury is devastated at the deaths - maybe his connection with this kid runs deeper...


My Favorite Bit: Tig & Rat's 'BJ' stake-out made me legit PMSL.

Music Featured: The Earls - Darlene, Yelawolf - Till It's Gone (but where's Bobby's awesome Bang Bang cover, eh?)

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