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It's no news that Drake is a massive Harry Potter fan, but it turns out that he's not 100% happy with how the series ended.

I guess he's just a romantic at heart, and he's taken to his Instagram to prove it.

Drake posted this photo with the caption:

Me at Hogwarts scheming on Hermoine

Heh heh, despite Drake looking like a mid-90's Billy Zane, I think this pic is super sweet!

Going by the caption, it seems that "Drake-O" is with the thousands of other fans who dedicate their spare time to dreaming up an alternate Potterverse where Draco and Hermione are a thing....

Draco & Hermione, the couple that never was...
Draco & Hermione, the couple that never was...

(Source: Hermione Granger's Men)

And then there are the more realistic ones...

(Source: Judy Depp)

Or the ones where people have actually imagined their future children!

(Source: Dramione Heaven)

....and even their future children, once they're grown up!

(Source: Deviant Art)

Yup, 'Dramione' has got a massive following...

But what do you think? Draco & Hermione...forever?


Did J.K get it wrong making Hermione marry Ron?


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