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Movies are crammed to the rafters with alluring secret agents sporting a deadly mix of exotic accents and erotic clothes, but these treacherous vixens have real life counterparts.

Newly-released intelligence files have revealed how British spymasters used an enticing female agent to test trainee spies during WWII.

'Agent Fifi' was a glamorous 22-year-old blond who was judged by her superiors to be a bit too foxy for fusty English blokes, but perfect for testing the more racy European recruits.

"Fifi" ended up in the Special Operations Executive (SOA) after she escaped a Nazi prisoner of war camp in France and nursed a British RAF pilot back to health behind enemy lines before smuggling him back to England.

Fifi aided a WWII pilot who was a P.O.W.
Fifi aided a WWII pilot who was a P.O.W.

To thank her for her efforts to save him, the RAF pilot shopped "Fifi" as a potential German spy.

His reasoning was that she was far too well dressed and attractive to have escaped from a P.O.W. camp as she claimed, and that she seemed to be:

one of the expert liars in the world and extremely intelligent

When her identity was eventually confirmed as the half-British, half-Latvian Marie Christine Chilver, "Fifi" was enlisted by the SOA to use her womanly wiles to figure out which male spies could keep their mouths shut.

When confronted with this attractive woman's relentless flirtation, a lot of them couldn't.

Mata Hari was another notorious female spy
Mata Hari was another notorious female spy

Fifi's "prey," as the unsuspecting men she was targeting were described, often ended up spilling their confidential information within hours, and were dismissed as unsuitable by the secret service immediately.

In a damning dismissal of one of the more loose-tongued and lustful men of the bunch, "Fifi" acidly records that:

We spent the day together and by the evening I had learnt practically all there was to know about him

Eventually, "Fifi" grew concerned about the moral implications of her work and damned it as "too malicious a ruse".

Ms. Chilver eventually hung up her seductive alter ego and was sent to postwar Germany in 1945 to undertake intelligence work of a less salacious nature...

Can someone give this amazing woman a movie already?!


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(Source: The Independent)


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