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We could probably all argue endlessly over the relative merits of Arnold (Ahnold) Schwarzenegger as a politician, a husband, and an actor. Heck, even his clothing choices are a source of constant consternation:

Pictured: Constant Consternation.
Pictured: Constant Consternation.

There's one thing you can never doubt about Arnold, though, is that he is extremely good at killing people.

In movies.

(We can only assume).

And when we say extremely good, we mean extremely good. As in, indisputably one of the deadliest screen presences the world has ever seen. Even more so than this guy:

So. Many. Maulings...
So. Many. Maulings...

Want proof? Just take a look at this Auralnauts video counting every single one of his on-screen kills. Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

(Plus, it comes with commentary from the Auralnauts gang, providing some much needed context for the endless, endless slaughter)

And if you're not sufficiently traumatized already - the bloody, rampaging fun doesn't end there. You can find all the [Action Movies](channel:267729) stuff you could ever dream of right here.


What do you guys reckon? An impressive number of kills?

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