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As we know too well, Walker died tragically in a car accident while Fast 7 was still in production...

Leaving us with a lot of questions about how his character would be altered or removed from the picture. There has still been no real confirmation on the plans for Paul, but speculation has run rampant and now, Jordana Brewster who plays Brian Conner's love interest in the movie, has revealed that:

I'm sure it will be very bittersweet... We all just want to honor Paul going back. I'm looking forward to being back with the Fast family, but there's definitely a key element missing.

Walker's character is set to bid adieu in the film. But his co-stars, like Brewster, evidently feel that it'll be hard to let go of his character.

Whatever happens, director James Wan will need a viable workaround for the late, great Walker, without hitting too close to his actual death as a result of a high-speed sports car crash. Hard to do in a Fast & Furious movie, but - with the amount of love and kindness the actor inspired, and a character who was an icon for a generation of moviegoers - it would seem like that hope will surely become a reality.


Do you think Paul Walker's Fast 7 character needs a happy ending?

(Source: E! News)


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