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After treating us with some sexy new cast portraits, and our first peek inside the season 6 premiere, The Vampire Diaries crew are spoiling us rotten with an amazing new promo poster!

The new full cast snap was inspired by Karl Pavlovich Brioullov’s “The Last Day of Pompeii” and cobbled together by Brian Hunt, and he did a grade A job of totally bringing the drama.

Feast your eyes on the moonlit montage below and see what I mean;

Vampire Diaries Promo Poster
Vampire Diaries Promo Poster

I'm sure there are plenty of teasers buried in here somewhere for the more eagle eyed among us.

I mean, why are Damon and Elena literally being dragged apart and what the hell is Caroline doing on the floor?!

It's getting close now guys!

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) premieres Oct. 2 at 8pm on The CW


Is this the best promo poster yet?

(Source: Buzzfeed)


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