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Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 20 years, I'm sure by now you must have seen some (if not all) of Friends. Which means, also, that you know what I'm referring to when I mention all the fuss over Jennifer Aniston's hair, the catch-phrases "We were on a break!", "Could you be any more annoying?", the soap-opera plot lines, the great star cameos and long-running roles, and forgetting just how funny Friends is just because we have watched every single episode so many damn times.

So, what better way to celebrate the show's 20th birthday than uncovering some unknown facts about the show, from our favorite coffee-delivering bleach blonde, Gunther! Enjoy!

1. Gunther was not originally a speaking part; James Michael Tyler got the role as an extra because he knew how to work an espresso machine.

Turns out he was rather good at romantic crushes, too...


2. The gang were actually drinking coffee in Central Perk.

No wonder the producers originally considered calling Central Perk "Insomnia Cafe"!


3. Gunther's blonde hair became a part of the character by accident.

Yep! The night before the first Friends shoot and James volunteered to help a trainee hairdresser... A mistake which lasted for 10 long years.


4. Marcel was played by a female monkey.

She did everything perfectly in rehearsal but when the time came to shoot in front of a camera, she would mess things up. Lucky she's too cute to be mad at...


5. But Mrs. Whiskerson, on the other hand, was an absolute sweetie!

Like holding a warm, well-behaved potato, I imagine.


6. NOBODY sat on the coveted orange couch.

Only the sacred six were allowed to perch their butts here. Whether consciously or not, no-one relaxed on this couch except the show's main players.


7. Gunther and Joey were going to kiss!

Remember when Ross and Joey kiss during a lesson from Joey on Romance? Originally, that liplock was supposed to be Joey and Gunther... As if the Rachel rejection wasn't enough!


8. James and Jen cried shooting their final scene together.

And so did we all, when the show - 20 years old and still the best-ever show about twentysomethings - decided to shut up shop...



Who's your favorite Friend?

(Source: BuzzFeed)


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