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The trailer for Mad Max Fury Road immediately places you in world torn apart by war, where deserts stretch for miles and gangs rule over a post-apocalyptic nightmare landscape.

At first, you hear a few news broadcasts which record the world descending into its current chaos: there are phrases like "it's the oil, stupid", "the police are looting" "water wars" and "killing for gasoline".

We see a small lizard crawl across the desert rock. As it turns, we see it has two heads, and that whatever catastrophe has taken place has significantly changed the world. Then we hear Tom Hardy speak in a gruff, almost Bane-like voice:

My name is Max, and my world is fire & blood

Watch the awesome Mad Max Fury Road trailer here now:

Max Rockatansky is back, and if the trailer lives up to its promise, it seems Mad Max Fury Road could be one of the best movies next year, matching incredible action sequences with a massive, savage and complex world.

The centre piece of the new Mad Max movie will be an epic Road War, effectively a car chase across the desert, which Max gets caught up in.

Mad Max has had his wife and daughter killed, and believe it is safest not to get involved with the gangs and tribes of this apocalyptic world, but instead to explore the landscape alone.

However, he is caught up by a group - led by Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) in her War Rig - who are fleeing a citadel ruled by the Immortan Joe, from whom they have stolen something irreplaceable.

Imperator Furiosa and her War Rig
Imperator Furiosa and her War Rig

The trailer sees Max being tattooed, and kept captive by a group of almost feral gang members, and warriors boarding rival vehicles, defended on long poles.

At some point, however, it is expected that Max will join forces with Imperator Furiosa, helping her escape the Warlord and his gang of savages, to her childhood home across the desert.

With this movie expected to centre on one, long action set piece and the "Fury Road" of the movie's title, might it risk becoming too action heavy, not exploring the epic, bleak world of previous Mad Max films?

What do you think? Could Mad Max Fury Road be one of the best films in the franchise, or do you have doubts about this long awaited return to the apocalyptic Australian outback of Mad Max?

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