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Jess O'Kane

Baby Groot shimmied his way into our hearts in the credits gag of Guardians of The Galaxy, and his cuteness has inspired a line of seemingly never-ending merchandise.

But it's safe to say we never envisaged the little fella as a headbanger. Well, one YouTuber saw fit to change that. Luke Gibson posted the video as a parody of the Sepultura song "Roots Bloody Roots", and the result is priceless:

The 13 year-old rocker in me is secretly gleeful that this happened.

It's only one in a long line of funny takes on the Baby Groot craze, from the man who did it on a homemade green screen, shrinking his wife into a mug to slightly sinister effect:

To these adorable toddlers:

Or this genuinely bizarre Icelandic man doing his thang with bits of twigs:

Although nothing comes close to the glory of Groot actor Vin Diesel reeling off "I am Groot" in multiple languages:


(Source: Comic Book)


Are any of these better than the original?


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