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Across its 4 seasons, Game of Thrones has given us many things.

Khaleesi has become one of the year's most popular names for babies (overtaking Betsy), it gave us the term "sexposition" to describe a scene in TV or movies where some tedious character background is made more watchable by having some characters have sex while doing it (see the picture below, where "Little Finger" Petyr Baelish explains his childhood to some seemingly busy prostitutes)

Petyr Baelish chatting to some whores
Petyr Baelish chatting to some whores

But more than either of those, Game of Thrones has given us unexpected character deaths - something that has seemingly become a staple in TV since GoT, with [The Walking Dead](series:201193), Fargo and others killing off their characters as quickly as they can introduce them.

There have been lots of Game of Thrones deaths
There have been lots of Game of Thrones deaths

So what were the deaths that most transformed TV? Let's run through some of the best:

5) Joffrey - The Purple Wedding

This one might have been higher up the list were in not for the fact that everyone everywhere knew the boy king would get his comeuppance sooner or later - in fact, it was surprising the little shit lasted as long as he did.

Still, Joffrey's death was satisfying when it came: at his wedding, when he was at his worst. Take another look here:

4) Shae & Tywin - Tyrion Kills His Lover, Then His Father

This was a sad one. Tyrion had tried to send Shae away before his trial, and then seemed to reject her when she wouldn't go, but he still wouldn't have expected her to turn up in bed with his father - and Tywin Lannister her "Lion" was the final straw.

This is a double kill, because Tyrion doesn't only kill Shae, but tracks his father down to where he sits on the toilet, and takes the old man out, too.

3) Ned Stark - Game Of Thrones Shows It's Different

Ned Stark, played by Sean Bean, was the main character of Game of Thrones Season 1, and when the upstart King Joffrey sentenced him to death, no one (that hadn't read the books) really much expected him to actually lose his head. After all, the hero always escapes, doesn't he?

Well, as it turns out, he doesn't. Ned Stark was dead, and the [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) had begun.

2) Oberyn Martell - The Viper and The Mountain

After the finale of Game of Thrones Season 3, not many people thought they could be surprised by Game of Thrones anymore. Then along came Tyrion's trial by combat, and his choice of champion Oberyn Martell.

The Mountain, Oberyn's opponent, was a huge and legendary warrior - but the Dornish Prince soon began to show that with his speed and agility, he might be able to get the better of King Joffrey's guard-dog.

And he seemed to have done just that. Oberyn could have killed the Mountain, but he wanted a confession from the brute that he had raped and killed Oberyn's sister. He wasn't to get it. At the last minute, the Mountain reared up and grabbed Oberyn's head with bare hand, and crushed it like an egg.

1) The Red Wedding - Brutal, Bloody Ceremony

The most infamous moment in Game of Thrones involved the death of Robb and Catelyn Stark, Robb's Wife Talisa and his unborn child, as well thousands of soldiers of the North.

It was gory, brutal and unexpected - with Robb's army the leading candidate to claim the throne from King Joffrey.

Take a look at the massacre again here:

So what do you think? Are these 5 deaths the most shocking in Game of Thrones, and potentially TV history? Who do you expect not to last Season 5? Write in with your own predictions below the line!


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