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Im just speculating here but wouldn't it be interesting to see Netflix expand with their Marvel content. At the moment Marvel Studios are the dominant with the movie universe and we are already seeing them expanding to TV. Last year brought us the first TV spin-off Agents of Shield which will be back very soon with its second season. We also have Agent Carter which will arrive in January of the new year. The next series from Marvel to hit the small screen will be on Netflix. Marvel struck a deal with Netflix to bring characters Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fists and Luke Cage to the small screen. A defenders mini-series will follow up all these characters separate seasons.

Most of the updates we've had regarding these characters have come from the Daredevil project as he is the first to be getting a season sometime next year. One of the things that has been mentioned about the Daredevil series is that it will be dark and gritty. Considering Marvel have gone with the more light-hearted tone movies, Im guessing this is the best way to bring darker characters and story-lines to the Universe they've created. With Netflix not only will we get more adult like story-lines, but its also still connected to the MCU. Especially when you have a character like Daredevil, you'd expect something more darker, grittier and serious.

Now I don't know how they plan to make the Jessica Jones, Iron Fists, Luke Cage and Defenders series but if all goes well it would be cool to see a Marvel Knights universe expand. I know its still part of the MCU but what I mean is we could see the darker side of the universe on Netflix.

Some of the Marvel Knights
Some of the Marvel Knights

Would be cool to see characters like Punisher, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and Deadpool get the chance to be on Netflix (I am aware of Fox's rights and I'll get onto Deadpool in a bit). Now that the Punisher and Ghost Rider rights have reverted back to Marvel Studios it seems unlikely they would get a movie anytime soon, considering Marvel already have a massive schedule ahead of them and the fact these characters wouldn't get much justice in a PG-13/12A movie. Personally I think Netflix is the best option these two characters have at the moment and same goes for Moon Knight. For me Frank Castle is the character I would like to see more of right now. I'd like to see more of what we saw in Punisher: War Zone when it comes violence and gritty story telling. I know Ghost Rider could require some high level CGI but Im sure it could be pulled off. Blade also reverted back to Marvel Studios and there has been talk of a fourth movie. Now I know Trinity got a lot of bad reception but the first two Blade movie were pretty good and if Wesley Snipes is up for returning to the role I'd certainly be up for another movie. Though once again talking about movies I doubt it would happen. But then what if Netflix were to get involved and maybe bring us a mini-movie. Or maybe a few mini-movies. I know Blade wouldn't be connected to the MCU if they continued from where they left off but it would still be cool if this happened.

Now onto Deadpool. The reason why I suggested this is because there has been word that Deadpool could also revert back to Marvel. I know Deadpool went to Fox with the mutants but the character was never born a mutant. It was only his Project X involvement that practically turned him into a mutant. Then of course his involvement with Wolverine and X-Force. But because he wasn't born a mutant that does separate him and this means his rights could go back to Marvel without the X-Men. If this does happen then like all the other Marvel Knight characters Deadpool would be best off getting a series with Netflix. Its only rumours I believe that Deadpool could go back to Marvel, but if Fox won't give the project the green light then he might as well return home. Saying that though if this were all to happen Deadpool would have to have his origin altered due to restrictions by Fox.

So with a bit of luck something like this may happen as I reckon Netflix would be a perfect place to expand on the Marvel Knights side of the Universe. But like with everything else going on in the Marvel Universe, we're just gonna have to wait and see.


Would you like to see more Marvel Knight characters join Netflix?


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