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Reid Jones

The voice of JARVIS and the actor behind the synthetic Avenger known as The Vision, Paul Bettany, has followed in the footsteps of Robert Downey Jr. from earlier this year and has now started his very own twitter account!

Within 24 hours of having his account, Bettany has already made contact with Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo, the actors behind Captain America & The Hulk, as well as some awesomely adorable fan art of his Marvel character. Could his joining potentially have something to do with the mysterious allusions from Robert Downey Jr. recently about something big he's about to reveal, or Mark Ruffalo's video discussing a video he isn't allowed to reveal yet?

These cryptic words from fellow Avengers only seems to spur the fan theories on and on, and the fact that Paul Bettany's joining twitter coincides will only multiply the Marvel theories out there. While you attempt to decipher their strange messages, lets take a look at what Bettany has had to say so far.

Go follow him @Paul_Bettany to keep an eye out for any other cool revelations about The Vision before the film comes out!


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