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Prepare yourself for awesomeness! I'm a freelance screenwriter who moved to Hollywood, California in 2012. Hollywood is a crazy place to live and work. Recently I've had the pleasure to shoot a short film with Kathleen Kinmont and Caleb Thomas.

Kathleen Kinmont is an actress and writer, known for "Renegade" (1992), "Santa Barbara" (1984), "Bride of The Reanimator" (1989) and "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers" (1988). She's also one of the most kind and down-to-earth actresses I've ever had the pleasure of working with. It truly was an honor to see my script performed by such an amazing talent.

Kathleen Kinmont's many rolls
Kathleen Kinmont's many rolls

(Caleb Thomas) Who has been featured on "Modern Family", "Killer Kids" and stars in an upcoming Nickelodeon pilot. He booked the first professional audition, as the lead in the film "THE INTERROGATION," which premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Soon he was the host for "Disney’s Infinty Game" followed by the role of Superman in "Disney’s Dream Super." He's performance in the film "Mrs. Sweeney," a drama speaking out against child abuse, led to his nomination for Best Performance by a Male in the recent 35th YOUNG ARTIST AWARDS. Caleb is also one of the most kind, professional, and genuine, person I've met in Hollywood.

Caleb Thomas on the set of "Modern Family"
Caleb Thomas on the set of "Modern Family"

This video is a hilarious satire of the Hollywood audition process. The shoot was a lot of fun, very indie. It literally was just a bunch of friends who wanted to shoot something. We had no lights to use, no audio, except for the camera mic and just a basic HD handy-cam. Despite our ultra low-budget an extreme & guerrilla filmmaking, the video came out perfectly, hilarious. So please, sit back and enjoy "The Working Actor's Audition."

"Holy Shit, I’m lmao! Two Serious Thumbs Up!"- Kathleen Kinmont

  • Directed by: Lizzy A. W. Castillo
  • Written by: Joe Wakefield - ( (
  • Edited by: Austin Traut - (
  • Starring: Kathleen Kinmont - (
  • Starring: Caleb Thomas - ( (
  • Featuring: Jacob Zetino - (

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