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With all these new possible team members joining the Avengers it is very unlikely that by the time Avengers 3: Rise of the Sequels is released we will have the same team, In the first movie not counting Fury there were 6 team members and in this next movie Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will join and everything is going to get crowded.

Who else could be joining the team though? Glad you asked, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange both have confirmed movies and Black Panther kind of sort of has one to, maybe... Plus, Captain Marvel has been highly demanded by fans and will most likely be joining as well and with them alone this brings the total Avengers team number, to 13

So what will the new team for Avengers 3: Give us Moar Money be, looking at all the possible members here...

Iron Man - Marvel clearly wants to keep RDJ with them as long as possible but with the cost of him going up, him not wanting to do Iron Man 4 and not planning to do a Marvel Movie beyond [The Avengers 3](movie:738027) how much time is there before a new actor steps in the suit or he is killed off semi-permanently.

Captain America - Now I have the theory that Captain America will be in every Avengers movie but they will pass down the SHIELD to either Bucky, Falcon or eventually both

Thor - The Thor movies are currently Marvel's weakest link with the reviews not being great and the box office not amazing either compared to other movies so I think the Hammer will be hung up in Thor 3.

Hulk - While I could see Hulk leaving he isn't dying or anything he might go on a rampage a leave the Avengers but he won't die.

Hawkeye - Him dying would really be empty so there wouldn't really be any reason to do it when he could start the West Coast Avengers and all the Avengers could be split into two groups and Marvel could put out twice as many Avengers movies.

Black Widow - I don't think she will die because there will most likely be a Black Widow movie sooner or later.

Ms. Marvel - She's definitely coming at some point and I think she will be an Avenger in Avengers 3: We Aren't Going to Stop These Movies

Black Panther - He is another Avenger definitely coming soon in most likely a solo movie.

[Doctor Strange](movie:559685) - Already basically confirmed for Avengers 3

Ant-Man - Already in the universe and most likely in Avengers 3 due to how big of a part he is of the Avengers

Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver - I think they'll stay around or at least become West Coast Avengers

Vision - I don't have think he's going to stay beyond Age of Ultron

With all that here's how I think the lineup could be:

Original Team: Captain America, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, [Black Panther](movie:9047), Doctor Strange and Ant-Man

West Coast Team: Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and others

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