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I've seen everyone has done their's I figured I should do mine. Here are my top 10 Disney Villains. Keep in two things in mind. #1 There are no live action villains (So don't expect someone like Darth Vader or Judge Doom). Also no villains from TV (Don't expect Dr. Drakken or some one to appear). #2 This is my opinion. If you disagree please be respectful and try not to get pissed off. Anyways let's begin.

The List (1-10).

#1 Judge Claude Frollo - The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1996).

Note: Frollo actually made this movie more adult if you think about it.

Reason: Reason: Frollo with out a doubt the darkest, ruthless and most evil Disney villain of all time. This guy scares me and I actually feel intimdated by him. I mean he commits genocide for god sake. Kills a young mother then tries to drown her baby, lied to Quasimodo his entire life, tortures everyone in Paris just to find Esmerlada. This is Disney right? No to mention this guy nothing but a total dick head. Like Sid he's also a mass murderer and enjoys torturing his victims in violent fashions. Unlike Sid, Frollo's victims are humans and kills them without thinking twice. Frollo is also a sociopath. He does maniacal things with showing any remorse. He's also an evil dictator who can sentence people to death. Where you on that one Scar?

Also he my favorite Disney villain song and my favorite Disney song in general.

Every thing about this song and emotionally powerful. You also gotta love it for ballsy it is.

What if Frollo and Esmeralda got together (Gross right?).

I mean can you really picture him and Esmeralda as a couple? That's just creepy.

#2 Sid Phillips - Toy Story (1996).

Note: This kid isn't a brat. He's an evil psychopath.

Reason: OMG. Where do I even begin with guy. "He tortures toys. Just for fun." Sid's victims may be toys, but he tortures and kills his victims in the most violent way you can imagine (which is pretty dark for a Disney film), such as blowing them up etc. This kid isn't just a brat, he's pure evil. This boy is nothing but a mass murderer. His lair (room) is and his demon like toys are also frightening as well. Especially his room. Not to mention he lies to his own sister about her doll by telling her it is sick. Instead he nearly kills the poor doll which devastates poor Hannah. Watch out for your toys kids or teenagers like Sid.

#3 Scar - The Lion King (1994).

Reason: Scar is basically Disney's Claudius from Hamlet. I mean he's willing to kill his brother just to become king. He is the only Disney villain to kill one of the main characters on screen. Where you on that one Jafar and Wicked Queen? He looks at his brother says long live the king and lets his brother fall to his death. After that basically he lets his entire kingdom starve to death. His song be prepared is also very catchy (not as good as Hellfire, but still a great villain song). Never trust a Lion with a British accent. You also gotta love Jeremy Irons voice.

#4 Queen Grimhilde/The Wicked Queen - Snow White (1937).

Reason: Mirror Mirror on the know the rest. Disney's original baddie. This queen taught us one lesson. Never take apples from strangers. You gotta respect a bitch who can kill you with fruit. If she asks you who is the most beautiful woman alive, you better say she is or else she will take your life. The worst crime she's ever done is disguising herself as an old hag, and offers the young Snow White an apple, that fruit was poisoned and it put the Princess into an eternal slumber. Listen, no one likes a liar, they dislike paranoid liars even less. Watch out for apples kids.

#5 Jafar - Aladdin (1993).

Note: However I can't stand Iago (not a big Gilbert Gotfired fan).

Reason: I really admire this guy. He's been secretly been plotting to Agrabah for as the Sultan quite sometime. Honestly I wish I had a staff that could hypnotize people. This guy just loves power doesn't he? First he wants to become Sultan, then He wants to be a powerful sorcerer, then a Genie? This guy just can't get enough. You gotta love it when he turns into a snake. He's also very smart. Like the Queen from Snow White he disguises himself as an elderly person just to trick the protagonist. He also has a cool voice. Smart, slick, clever and we love him just for that.

#6 Syndrome - The Indcredibles (2004).

Reason: I mean he wants to annihilate an entire group of superheroes just because he can't be one himself. How fucked up is that? Need I say more?

#7 Hades - Hercules (1997).

This guy is probably the funniest villain on the list. However despite him being comedic he did some horrible crimes. Not only did he double cross and later (spoiler alert) attempt to kill Megara by throwing her into the River Styx among all the other floating souls. He tries to overthrow Zeus, and he wanted a baby killed to assure his plan was a success. He had to make the list somehow. Hades has some bad contract deals. Beware of Contracts everyone.

#8 Cruella Deville - 101 Domations (1961).

Reason: She tries to kill puppies just to get their fur and to get money. Nuff said here.

#9 The Aunts - James And The Giant Peach (1995).

Very Underrated movie by the way.

Reason: Man I hated these guys when I was little. Poor James. Thank god I don't have relatives like these. I think they're far worse than Lady Tramaine. Their far more evil and hateful in their own. Be lucky not to have an aunt like them.

#10 Chernabog - Fantasia (1940).

Reason: More like the devil As I like to call him. Do I really need to explain.

That's my top 10 Disney Villains. What are favorite Disney villains. Feel free to share, I would love to hear.


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