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Aaah, The Gym. That airless room, repetitive flexing and relaxing, the determined pointlessness, the feverish cohort of sweat and tears. Mostly tears in my case. (I hope they don't revoke my membership for saying that. I still like the sauna.)

It's hard for all of us to drag ourselves there, sometimes. But if we had a little motivational help from time to time, just imagine how fit we could all be...

Well, ladies, gents and gym bunnies, prepare yourselves for the almost unbearable stench of testosterone - the latest celebrity back-and-forth is an adrenaline-fueled exchange between professional locomotive Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (and his trailblazing pecs) and the man who doesn't even need his gargantuan, retractable, adamantium-laced bone claws because He's Just That Ripped, Hugh Jackman.

It turns out that The Rock's daily regime is brutal. It's basically just exercise and eating. We got a glimpse into that lifestyle when Dwayne posted a video to his Instagram page, while on his way to the gym. Here he is, casually serving up one hot testosterone injection...

Well, wasn't that just darling! A bit like being playfully swatted at by a bear. A massive, sweaty, Polynesian bear...

And just in case there was any question as to whether Wolvie would go or not, Hugh responded by posting his own video of mutant strength. Watch this:

Do you think it's a coincidence that his name, said fast, sounds like "huge jacked man"? I don't.

Right - no excuses, people. Do you also want to look like you've got two adult thighs stitched to the side of your torso? Then it's chicken, steak, and brown rice until we start to smell funky, and lots of weightlifting: TO THE GYM!!


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