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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The idea of discovering alien life is thrilling...but what's the real, scientific truth? Check out some of the most mysterious alien activity that's as curious as any movie...


Just under 10 inches long, Aleshenka was discovered by mentally ill woman Tamara Prosvirina in Kaolinovy, Russia in 1996. Prosvirina was hospitalized for psychiatric treatment, but died during an escape attempt.

Scientists think that Aleshenka is probably a 25 week old fetus, with possible deformities due to fall-out from the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster.


The Otocek Autopsy

In 1999, footage emerged of a supposed alien autopsy from 1966, in Otocek, a village in what is now Slovenia.

One Ivan Kremer reported the find, showing a blackened 'alien corpse' being dissected. Italian Andrea Zoboli has since taken credit for the hoax.



Perhaps the most fascinating of all, 'Ata' was found in the Atacama Desert, Chile, in 2003....


Ata confused scientists because of its mix of features.

Ata has 10 ribs rather than the usual 12, a cone-shaped head and is only 6 inches long.


As if that wasn't freaky enough, Ata was found in a Ghost Town.

Chile's La Noria is a deserted town, with a cemetery full of open graves. Ghosts are rumored to walk the town at night.


Ata: The Possibilities


Extreme dwarfism is a possibility, although the smallest recorded human being was 21.5 inches - a lot bigger than Ata. Scientists were also unable to determine genetic indicators of dwarfism in Ata's DNA.

Mummified Fetus

The Atacama desert is dry and perfect for natural mummification, and Ata is small enough to be a stillborn fetus. However, Ata has mature teeth, and bones developed to the stage of the average 6-year-old...

Beavis & Butthead Theory

I mean...anything's possible, right?


Yup. Yup, I went there.


What do you think the Atacama alien is?

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