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Most of us have played a Super Mario game over the years, the iconic character has been around since 1981 and has only gotten better with age. Mario has inspired thousands of gamers, animators, artists and as this awesome video from Red Bull shows, he has even inspired athletes!

Freerunner Jason Paul and Team Farang have made their own, real-life 8-bit video game and it's so cool! Though after watching it, it has really given me doubts about how an aging, overweight plumber has made it look so easy all these years...True love isn't that much of a motivator, surely!

Take a look at the video and let the nostalgia flood back!

Are you not entertained? The ending blew me away - how did they do that all ON A TRAIN!?

Let's be honest though, Mario could never have pulled off these moves:


The amazing pyramid cartwheel flip

Mario isn't cartwheeling over much, let along a pyramid.


Spinning flip-kicks to assailants faces!

I think Mario may have some trouble rotating his rotund self on those bars.


Wall-kicking up a building!

Ok admittedly, Mario can execute a pretty good wall jump in the games, but usually not first time around (definitely not through any fault of mine!) and usually not followed up by another amazing leap and flip on a bar!


How awesome is the real-life 8-bit game?

Source: Sploid


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