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Kit Simpson Browne

Sick and tired of waiting for Dredd 2? Increasingly concerned that we won't get to see Karl Urban return underneath the helmet? Just generally as mad as hell, and not going to take it any more?

Well, I hear that.

Thankfully, so do the good people at Youtube channel Legolambs, who've gone so far as to create this awesome new video - Dredd: The Musical.

The video raises the obvious and uncontroversial point that Karl Urban was awesome in Dredd, and that we clearly need to get a sequel before he's forced to hang up his helmet.

It just happens to do so in song form.

It also features Sylvester Stallone (sort of) who comes in to reassure fans that even he knows that Dredd is superior to his mid-90's offering Judge Dredd.

Again, in song form.

Which, let's be honest, would make for a weird sort of sequel if it were to be translated to the big screen.

But that'd probably still be more fun to watch than...anything that isn't [Dredd 2](movie:959324).


What do you guys think? Would you still watch Dredd 2 if it were a musical?



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