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So How I Met You Mother ended, and with a pretty controversial finale, too. Some fans hated it, other pointed out that it was all part of a bigger plan - but what most will remember are the episodes that made HIMYM one of the funniest shows around.

But what did you think were the best episodes of [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728)? Would the finale make it? Let's run through some of the most memorable:

HIMYM Season 2 Episode 9: The Slap Bet

Would you rather take 10 slaps right now, or 5 spaced out across eternity? It was these sort of eternal, profound questions that How I Met Your Mother kept its fans entertained. And apart from introducing the Slap Bet, this episode was also the first we saw of Canadian Pop sensation Robin Sparkles:

HIMYM Season 4 Episode 4: Intervention

Another long running gag on How I Met Your Mother was the "intervention". Typically a way of getting an alcoholic to take stock of their life and begin their journey to recovery, the intervention on HIMYM was more about getting rid of those annoying habits that your friends pick up from time to time:

HIMYM Season 2 Episode 2: Swarley

Barney Stinson was one of the most loved HIMYM characters, but that didn't mean he got an easy ride. In this episode - where they show wasn't afraid to show it's roots, referencing both Friends and Cheers - Ted and Marshall come up with the idea of giving Barney a new nickname while they hang out at a coffee place. No wonder Barney prefers the bar.

But what is your favorite episode of How I Met Your Mother? Is it one of these three, or do you have another favorite?

Write in with your thoughts - and clips - below the line!


What is your favorite episode of How I Met Your Mother?


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