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Mohammed Hidhayat

Apparently it’s real. These guys are working on an untitled movie script. Liam Nesson and good friend Bono have been scripting for nearly 6 years and yes, it’s about music.

So, it’s not a reboot to ‘The Commitments’ and it’s definitely not about U2. Well, according to Liam Neeson, “The film is about the Irish “showband” phenomenon of the 70s.” According to The New York Times, the era was a time period “when homegrown rock ’n’ roll acts toured the country playing cover versions of international hits.”

Both the fellas are from Ireland and it was U2 Frontman Bono who came with the idea of putting his unique visions into script writing. Hope Liam Neeson gets to play a part in it, maybe a bearded pop punk dropping his Irish accent on the dance floor or just a clean-cut, alcoholic band manager.

Presently, there’s no word as to the future of the project. I’m sure these Irishmen can continue their artistic existence with or without the possibility of seeing a final draft - Bono with his lifetime royalty validity with Apple and Liam punching his way into every movie. No matter what he’ll be always be the definitive version of Ra's al Ghul!

Coming soon to iPhone 7-


So, any love for this project?


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