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The Horror Honeys

WELL - here's a movie that's just BEGGING to be made into a drinking game.

Even though, Wrong Turn is a series that began looking like a dime-store knock off of The Hill Have Eyes is has somehow earned more sequels than I ever expected. The unifying factor - malformed cannibals devour hapless morons who wander into their domain. Thus far, they've consumed campers, reality show contestants, convicts, and two crops of college students. I'm surprised they can even walk, that's a LOT of food. Fat American cannibals, has anyone explored that storyline yet?

Admission: I feel kind of bad, because I know the guy who wrote the screenplay...but I laughed out loud at the clip.

Synopsis: The unrelenting terror starts when an emotionally troubled young man, Danny, inherits an isolated backwoods hotel that may hold the key to his secret past. A trip to the peaceful resort quickly transforms into a blood-soaked killing spree, as Danny’s friends are brutally murdered one by one. Danny discovers that Three Finger and his flesh-eating kin are to blame, but the chilling surprises they have in store for him have only just begun. Danny ultimately learns that he has an unthinkable connection to the clan of hillbilly cannibals, but now that he knows the shocking truth, he will face an even more horrifying choice.

If you didn't get a giggle fit when that empty bicycle rolled through the frame...

Wrong Turn 6 comes to DVD/Blu Ray and VOD on October 13th - Will YOU be checking in to Last Resort?


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