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Let's be honest with ourselves, fellow geek-nerds (because it's all really merging into the same thing by now, isn't it). As a cultural group, we love the shit out of our pop culture debates. Give us something we can argue about, and we'll happily do it for hours. Just last night, I (a die-hard Whovian) got all hands-on-hips sassypants with my boy (largely uninitiated to the wonders of [Doctor Who](series:200668)) when he dared to point out (the nerve) that the Doctor wiping out his own people makes no sense from a logical standpoint (oh, no, you did not).

Still, no matter how long the battles have raged, some pop culture debates have endured. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones you can drop into the middle of a conversation at a party and people will immediately start arguing - heatedly.

So let's try to solve these life-and-death questions once and for all, shall we? Or at least, solve them until the next time someone brings them up...

Two choices enter; one choice leaves. There can be only one.



Star Wars vs. Star Trek

The ultimate sci-fi battle, this one has pitted Trekkies and pretend Jedi against one another for decades and will probably continue until the sun goes supernova.


Marvel vs. DC

Everyone has an opinion on this these days. EVERYONE.


Xbox vs. Playstation

If you're a hardcore gamer (or even a casual one), you've probably been down this debate road more than once. Speaking of gaming...


Console vs. PC

Nothing can get gamers riled faster than "glorious gaming PC master race." Nothing.


Classic Doctor Who vs. New Doctor Who

The classic Doctor Who episodes have a very different vibe than the modern-day version, and to old-school Whovians, this matters. This matters a lot.


Original books vs. movie version

Look, can't we all just agree to agree that each medium has its own pros and cons and leave it at that? Still, bibliophiles and movie buffs will never agree.


Apple iPhone vs. Google Android

Nobody ever "wins" this argument; when you're paying $600-1,000 for a phone, the only side that wins is the companies that sell them. Seriously, stop already.


Twilight vs. The Hunger Games

Movie marketing execs might think these YA book series are interchangeable, but fans of each will tell you the so. are. not.


The Avengers vs. Justice League

Comic book fans know The Avengers vs. Justice League battle has been raging since long before Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Dungeons & Dragons vs Magic: The Gathering

It's all fun and games in the land of tabletops until someone brings a d20 to a Magic show.

Who will be the victor? Who will suffer defeat? Make your choice and decide once and for all!


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