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Hey guys! So I recently mentioned on here that my family (me, my wife, my brother Nick, his wife Steph, My Brother Jim, his Girlfriend Alex, and a few of our friends) love getting together, playing board games and drinking. A fellow contributor had a post about games in TV shows and it was nice to see that people are aware of the power of the board game. Last weekend, we experienced a game called "The Best of TV and Movies" which was created by the creators of the Logo Game. It's a great game for TV and movie trivia and we spent close to three hours playing it without getting through all the cards. We stopped playing only to save the rest of the cards for next time, but it really got us itching for more trivia. Between all of us we own different versions of scene it, and trivia pursuit, but we will run out of cards eventually.

So here's what we have decided. We are gonna create our own trivia game. We will write the questions, make the board, use our own signature pieces that can be universal for any board game. Between school work, I have started writing some questions, and as soon as we get a solid set of rules, everyone else will write some questions. We also plan on including those trivia cards that have been coming out for Marvel, Walking Dead, Big Bang theory, etc.

So the reason I'm telling you guys about this is because I wanted some outside help for some trivia questions. We looking for questions that go along with the following categories:






We are all very well versed in all of these categories, so coming up with questions won't be a HUGE problem, but being a contributor to a site like this gives me the advantage of bringing this community into the development of this game.

So if you guys can come up with some questions I can include about any of these categories no matter the difficulty level, please post them in the comment section below. We love trivia, so any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Please note: This is just for the entertainment of a group of drunken friends and the only thing you will really get out of helping me is a big thanks and the satisfaction of keeping us busy. You can even go ahead and make your own trivia game with your friends with the same questions.


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