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Batman, Doctor Who, Underworld, Arrow, & Alicia Witt. These are a few of my favoite things
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Few weeks back, I finally watched "Urban Legend" for the first time. I honestly not sure why I never watched it before, maybe cause it was popular & I was too stubborn. I've also not seen "I know what you did last summer" also. However, I watched it because A) Alicia Witt is in it. Added bonus, she tweeted me about it. B) It's an horror movie.

There was a number of faces I knew in this film & I assume it's a typical teen slasher/horror flick of the '90s. I found the film to be pretty solid & have complaints unlike "Scream 4", which I'll post on here soon. The plot was good I thought & liked the theme of the killer using urban legends. Good change from knife stabbing & some supernatural ghost thingy. Yes that's right, I said thingy. It made me look forward to the deaths more. I was entertained by this film from start to finish & I was kinda on edge through it all because I didn't want to see Alicia Witt's character to get killed. I didn't know she was the star of the film before viewing & I think that help me enjoy it more. I also got to piece clues together & try to figure out who the killer was. Unlike most US crime shows I didn't figure it out fast. I remember one scene where you got a good look at the killer's body & from that I thought it looked kinda woman like.

I really can't recall anything bad, not that it's perfect. However it was great & suspenseful, a beautiful lead lady (in my opinion), a hunky lead man (so I'm told) in Jared Leto, & a common twist i seen in so many horror movies as well as monster movies. You know, where it leaves it open for more movies. I would suggest it, heck I want to own it now. I need to buck up my DVDs, maybe then I'll forget i own "Zombie Strippers". Not likely but it was a gift, so not my money wasted. If you need a good horror film then I highly suggest "Urban Legend". Did I mention Robert Englund is in it? He's great & creepy in everything I've seen him in & that's including "Hawaii Five O".

I would also had that I have seen some people talk about this film as if it was camp. I do not see how this movie was campy in any way. I found it to be better then some of today's mainstream horror movies. This wasn't a remake or reboot. It wasn't supernatural or a possession. Nor was it "found footage" which I seen more & more. It was a fun slasher movies from the '90s that did something different by basing their kills on urban legends. Maybe film series like "Scary Movie" has ruined how younger people view these movies. Then again, I have a love for classic horror & enjoyed the silent film "Phantom of the Opera" (1925). However, for me, "Urban Legend" had everything I need in a horror movie, so I'll give it 4 & a haft killers in the backseat cause they need out of the rain out of 5. Hmm that seem kinda long, how about: 4 & haft axes out of 5!

Urban Legend (1998) 4.5/5

Starring: Alicia Witt, Jared Leto, Rebecca Gayheart, Robert Englund, & Tara Reed

Highly suggest for horror fans & if you like "Scream"


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