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This is the type of movie I would watch even if Alicia Witt Wasn't in it. I didn't have expectations because I knew little about it other then it starts Al Pacino & Alicia Witt, & someone was targing Al Pacino's character.

The story here is a serial rapist/murder, "Seatle Slayer", is put in jail based on what Al Pacino's character, Dr. Jack Gramm, except openion being a Forensic Psychologist. 9 years later, someone is offing girls in the manner as the slayer. Is it a copy cat? Is it the killer? Soon Dr. Gramm gets a phone call saying he has 88 minutes to live.

The first few minutes were a bit off putting. The way it went from one scene in court to another was weird for this type of film & the vitem who was forced to make a video came off as bad. I almost wanted to chuckle. The rest of the film was fine though. I became drawn in & was trying to figure out who the killer is. I like that & I really like it when I'm not fully sure as we draw closer to the reveal.

So throughout this film I am looking at every character wonder if they could be the one. The film would give me info & I'd weight it with what I seen as well as my gut for lack of a better term. Like, there is a male student who seems like he could be the one because of the number of visits he had with the Slayer. However, I felt that he would be to obvious. I liked that this movie had me thinking & not trusting any character. At one point I even question if Al Pacino could have been behind it & it's all in his head. That didn't last too long though. In the end, I figured out things about the same time I was suppose to. Maybe that was due to me being distracted by Alicia Witt.

Pacino's character isn't the most likeable but I didn't dislike him. I haven't seen a lot of his work sadly but I don't recall him being bad in something. In fact I was envious of him in this film. There were 2 or 3 occasions where it looked his hand were somewhere on Alicia's chest. The day after viewing this, I was watching Cybill where Witt's mother on the show was talking about going on a date with Al Pacino.

I really liked Alicia Witt in this film even though I wasn't trusting of her. She gave a good performance here & I thought the taxie scene with Pacino revealing his dark pass to her was touching.

I enjoyed this film & I would consider buying it on DVD. I would suggest it if you enjoy these thriller action films. I give the film a 4/5 Yes the amont of Alicia Witt in this bump it up but it is a least a 3.5/5

88 Minutes (2007)

Al Pacino

Alicia Witt

Leelee Sobieski

Amy Brenneman


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