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Look, I'm going to be honest with you guys. I am a huge nerd, like a fantastic geeked out dork. This means that, of course, I am a lover of The Big Bang Theory. I just can't help but giggle along in delight at the scientific wordplay and awkward lab coat toting geniuses. I feel such a warm and fuzzy kinship to them. They're my people.

So in honor of the nerdom that is CBS's The Big Bang Theory , let's check out some fun trivia on the show, yeah?

Leonard is a total fraud

Leonard hardly ever has actual glass in his glasses, as Johnny Galecki does not need them. He's like the original hipster.

A nod to Pasadena

The Quick Response (QR) code that is visible in Stuart Bloom's comic shop provides you with a link that directs you to the Comic Book Center of Pasadena when scanned.

Sheldon has a dirty, dirty secret

Jim Parsons has never seen a single episode of Star Trek or Doctor Who, despite them being the favored show of Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Koothrappali is a babe magnet

Rajesh Koothrappali may be rendered speechless in front of women, unable to approach them, but the man behind the character, Kunal Nayyer, is married to former Miss. India, Neha Kapur. She is a 5'10" bombshell who could make anyone lose the words in their head. Talk about bein' one suave dog!

Amy Farrah Fowler is smarter than the boys

Mayam Bailik is a bonafide doctor with her Ph.D in neuroscience. After Blossom ended she went on to UCLA and received a BS in neuroscience, Jewish studies and Hebrew. She completed and graduated from her doctoral program in 2008.

Smart and talented

The cast learned the instruments that their characters play. Jim Parsons really does play the theremin. Mayim plays the harp as Amy Farrah Fowler does, and Johnny Galecki the cello. How are these guys all super good-looking, super smart, and super multi-talented? Oh, they're superhumans, you say? Yeah, man, that makes sense.

Real-life science loves the show

The show has been so influential amongst geek culture that scientists even named a type of Brazilian bee after one of the sitcom's famed taglines: Euglossa Bazinga. Dr. Sheldon Cooper is pleased with your punny insects.

Outer space pipe dreams

Howard Wolowitz would never make it into a space program. He'd never even be considered. With the extreme pressures and changes your body goes through traveling outside of the atmosphere matched with not being anywhere near a medical doctor for prolonged amounts of time, he would have been easily ruled out and never even thought of. Howard has asthma, an allergy to peanuts- which is a huge no-no because a staple of your diet while in space are differing nuts due to their high nutritional values and easy storage. He has a genetic risk to heart complications, and transient idiopathic arrhythmia. Let's face it, the dude wouldn't even make it through a simulation with his motion sickness.

That's how I feel after reading this too, boys. Now that you have brushed up on your Big Bang Theory facts, you should probably make your way to your favorite chair and turn on TBS for some BBT reruns!


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