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At 7am today (BST) my fellow Scottish residents and I went to the polls to vote for our Independence. While I wait for the news, I thought it would be a great time to let everyone vote for their favourite Scottish movie!



Everyone could have guessed that this would be on the list! The 1995 historical epic won the Best Picture Oscar and has been cemented as one of the greatest movies ever made. The film follows the story of William Wallace, a Scots warrior who rebels against the English and leads a war for Scottish Independence. While the film is hailed as one of the greatest Historical Epics, it is also one of the least accurate. One of the biggest inaccuracies is the fact that William Wallace and Robert The Bruce never met. In fact, he wasn't even born when Wallace was alive. Regardless of the inaccuracies, Braveheart is synonymous with Scottish cultural, so much so that the phrases "They may take our lives but they may never take our freedom" and "FREEDOM!!" get spoken nearly everyday in Scotland (Trust me, I'm a Scot)


A cult classic in Scotland. This harrowing film follows a group of heroine addicts in the 1980's living in Scotland. The film is based during the "Thatcherism" period of Scotland, where most of it's population was driven into poverty and unemployment. It shows you the harsh reality of what some Scots faced back in the 80's, and what some of them still face now. The film's most famous scene even emphasizes how terrible citizens found life back then, with Mark Renton, played by a very young Ewan McGregor, stating how terrible it is to be Scottish. I would share the video, but it is far too crude to display on a public website. Despite it's negative view on Scotland, the film has been hailed as quite possibly the greatest Scottish movie ever made, with a general poll voting it the greatest Scottish movie ever.


Now we all knew this was showing up. At first I was very sceptical about Brave, thinking it was going to mak fun of Scotland and it's heritage, but oh was I wrong. Brave is one of my favourite animated movies ever, and even won the 2012 Best Animated Movie Oscar. The film follows Merida, a Scottish Princess who causes Chaos in her Kingdom after refusing to get married. After seeking help from a witch, Merida accidentally turns her mother into a bear and must reverse the spell before it is too late. The film stars Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald and Scottish Comedy Legend Billy Connelly, and puts a great and hilarious twist on Scottish folklore. The film goes down as one of the greatest animated movies ever made, and for good reason!

Rob Roy

Set In the highlands of Scotland in the 1700s, Rob Roy tries to lead his small town to a better future, by borrowing money from the local nobility to buy cattle to herd to market. When the money is stolen, Rob is forced into a Robin Hood lifestyle to defend his family and honour. Starring Liam Neeson, John Hurt and Tim Roth in a Bafta winning performance, Rob Roy remains a cult classic.


Born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1518, Connor Macleod is immortal. When he is wounded in battle but does not die, he is banished from his village. He meets another like himself, Ramirez, who teaches him swordsmanship--the only way to kill another immortal is to take his head--and the ways of the immortals. Modern-day New York is the location of "The Gathering," where Connor and the few remaining immortals must battle to the last for "The Prize." Forever hailed as a cult favourite, this Scottish/American flick spawned a 6 season TV series that has been critically acclaimed. Filming for a remake is to start later this year.

Have I missed one out? Let me know and have your say in the comments!

Meanwhile I shall leave you with this funny video on the Scottish Referendum!


What is your favourite Scottish movie?


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