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Prometheus was directed by Ridley Scott which was the prequel to Alien part of the (Quad-trilogy). I actually really enjoyed watching this film and found it really interesting and different, although i enjoyed Alien much more, but i highly recommend this film a watch because i loved the story.

The story of finding a map within the caves and taking this message as a sign of an invitation to discover who created us is an amazing story line to take us upon this journey. We all knew from the outcome towards the end of the film that we will be expecting Prometheus 2 in the making and i am actually looking forward to this as i am curious to find out where it will take us and how close will it take us to the original Alien film.

One of the best features i like about this film is the design of the ship and the look of the Engineers (Aliens) which we see. They look so human like but their pale white skin and their black eyes just looks too good. I also liked Michael Fassbender's character as David he played it so well as an immortal robotic being.

If your a Sci-Fi geek you must check out the prequel to one of the best Sci-Fi films made (ALIEN) by an amazing director.

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